EF International exhibits unique products at retail shows all over the country throughout the year. Our award-winning butterfly displays leave customers speechless and we often have people tell us that our exhibit was the highlight of the show!  View our show schedule here. We pride ourselves on our displays as well as our products themselves. We offer the finest eco-friendly framed butterfly art, preserved and mounted by hand with precision into handmade frames. We sell luxurious animal-friendly alpaca furs, as well as capes, scarves and accessories made of baby alpaca wool. We support fair trade with our Ecuadorian handknitted sweaters made from all-natural fibers. We also offer unique garden decor made of hand-forged wrought iron and wood decor that has that "perfectly weathered" finish...you won't believe our variety!

Thanks to Mother Nature, every item we sell is an original piece. We are able to provide incredible show specials for customers who come visit us in person. We’re like a traveling store with great prices! Find us in a city near you and check to see which products we’ll be exhibiting there.

Giant Butterflies
Alpaca Fur Critters
In Flight Frames
Alpaca Furs
Wing Jewelry
Single Butterflies

Wrought Iron
Distressed Wood
Butterfly Release
Alpaca Pet Beds
Adopt an Alpaca Bear!
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