How to Care for Our Butterfly Art

Our displays are easy to clean: Just dust the wooden frames as you would any other frames. If the glass needs cleaning, simply use glass cleaner. We suggest using a cloth or paper towel moistened with the glass cleaner, rather than spraying it directly onto the glass.

To ensure that your framed butterflies and moths stay beautiful for years to come:

These amazing specimens have been specially preserved to allow for decades of decorative enjoyment and education, provided they are treated properly. The preservation technique allows the specimens to stay crisp and beautiful for years to come and they will not crumble or fall apart. Along with this special preservation technique, you too can help the butterflies retain their beauty even further. Just follow these simple suggestions to enjoy these gifts of nature for years to come.

  • Avoid prolonged, excessive heat. As a guideline, it’s ok to put them in a window, as long as that window doesn’t get too hot for you to sit in front of for the entire day. Long-term, direct sunlight may cause the specimen to fade and/or deteriorate at an accelerated rate and may cause the glass display to fog. Please also avoid storing the displays in an attic or any other area that can get extremely hot.

  • Do not display your specimens in a bathroom that lacks a venting fan. Heavy steam causes humidity, which with prolonged exposure, could damage the display and/or cause the butterflies to deteriorate at an accelerated rate. Although the glass used in our displays is very secure within the frame, it’s not airtight. We’ve had customers use clear caulking sealant to make the frames airtight, and we hear this works well.

An artificial full-spectrum light source is recommended if you wish to highlight the displays with feature lighting. Full-spectrum bulbs are readily available at most garden and pet supply shops, as well as hardware stores. Our displays are beautiful with regular room lighting; the extra lighting is just a suggestion if you want the stunning colors to really stand out. The displays look great hung up on any color wall.

REAL framed butterflies and moths...  Yes They're Real!

Our butterflies and moths all come from Peru, home of 20% of the world's population of butterflies. They are farm-raised there in a conservation effort, which, in turn helps the butterflies that live in the wild. (We NEVER sell endangered butterflies or moths). Since our butterflies are farm-raised, the local Peruvians are provided with the opportunity to make a living on the butterfly farms instead of going out into the wild to catch or net butterflies in the jungles and rainforests. In some areas, there are little other resources to make a decent living, so farm-raising not only helps butterflies, it also helps the local Peruvian economy. Farm-raising butterflies not only protects butterflies in the wild, but it also helps by protecting the already shrinking jungle habitat of jungle and rainforest plants and trees. The butterfly farms consist of several giant, netted in areas about the size of football fields where our butterflies and moths go through all of their life cycles. They are not exposed to the natural predators that are found out in the wild, like their biggest enemy: birds. They are able to live out their entire lives naturally...we NEVER harm or kill any of the specimens in our butterfly art. We want them to live out their entire lives so that they will reproduce by laying their eggs. Most of our tropical butterflies have lifespans of less than 2 weeks. After they die, they are dissected and preserved, then mounted with precision by hand in beautiful Brazilian Cedar frames. Each frame consists of two pieces of glass, and the specimens are mounted on the inside of the back piece. This is great way to display our specimens since both butterflies and moths can be so intriguing on both sides. There is a small hook on the back of each frame so that it can be hung from a wall. Some people enjoy displaying our butterfly frames on artistic stands, which are also very nice. Our butterfly art is expertly preserved for years and years of enjoyment. We pride ourselves on the quality of our specimens and design layout. We use only superior quality specimens.

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