Framed Butterfly Art Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)
Is it illegal to buy or own real butterflies?
No. As importers of the framed butterflies, we are required to obtain special permits from the Peruvian government, US Customs and the US Fish and Wildlife Department to bring our butterfly art into the United States. Strict regulations prohibit endangered butterflies or moths (or those in jeopardy of being endangered) from both being taken out of Peru and from entering the United States. Once they are here in the U.S., anyone can own them.

How do I know the butterflies and moths are not endangered?
We are required to have proper documentation from entomologists in Peru, which state the genus, species, and common name of each and every butterfly we bring into the United States. If even one endangered butterfly were to get into a shipment, the US Fish and Wildlife Department could seize the entire shipment, so we make sure that doesn't happen. It is also important to us to keep the number of butterflies (wild and farm-raised)growing, so we go through exhausting measures to ensure that every single butterfly we import is legal.

How do I care for my butterfly art?
Our displays are easy to clean: Just dust the wooden frames as you would any other frames. If the glass needs cleaning, simply use glass cleaner. We suggest using a cloth or paper towel moistened with the glass cleaner, rather than spraying it directly onto the glass.

How do I get one of those giant butterfly frames?
We currently sell the extra large “in flight” frames at our retail shows only. The frames are so large, and because of the glass, they are extremely fragile and shipping is sometimes not an option. Please see our show schedule to find a show near you. That way the customer can choose the one-of-a-kind frame in-person and compare with other frames side-by-side.

How can you sell your butterfly art so cheap?
If you’ve ever been to a butterfly exhibit or museum that has similar butterfly art, then you know what great deals we’ve got on ours. We manage production of all of our art and import all of the butterflies directly from Peru. There is no middleman. When we first found these beautiful framed butterflies, we fell in love with them. We aspired to be able to somehow share them with everyone out there. Now, years later, we're doing that by making them affordable.